Ramping Up My Home Decor – Rugs, Wall Art, New Lamps

It took me some time to realize it and then to admit it, but I think I have a lot of tendencies of an emotional hoarder: I am reluctant to get rid of objects because of the memories or feelings they hold. This has made the already limited space I have to work with even harder to organize properly and include important things into. Just a few days before the new year, I finally resolved to go through these old mementos and get rid of impractical and unnecessary items because I desperately needed the space, which needed a cleaning and update, something to reflect the changes and maturation I had gone through, now that I had saved up enough to purchase a few affordable new pieces.

I believe home décor has the ability to affect our moods, especially as the home is a place we tend to spend most of our downtime outside of educational, professional, and other societal obligations. Because of this, we should decorate it in a way that gives us strength but will also provide comfort. Whenever I would come home from a rough day and be confronted with the clutter of the past, I would get a sense of hopelessness or feel overwhelmed. It wasn’t until recently that I began to plan how I wanted to revitalize and organize the space – and all of the stuff I had accumulated through the years – to combat these negative feelings. I also saw the importance of having space reflect who I am today rather than who I was in the past. The space as it is now is just impractical for the lifestyle I am currently living.

Drawing inspiration from pictures, videos, and television shows, I found my preferred design to include clean lines and simplicity. I think after dealing with clutter for so long, I just became drawn to neutral tones and minimalism and the potential it has to make the space feel large and open, minimizing a packed and crowded feeling. I plan to purchase home décor and decorative pieces that I find aesthetically pleasing, but will also have some type of function, such as doubling as storage so that I can take advantage of as much space as needed.

With a simple color palette and simple pieces, I won’t have to worry about the visual clutter I had become so accustomed to and how it affected and added to the mental clutter I was already dealing with. Neutral décor works with a lot of other designs and is also timeless, meaning I will not have to update my space every so often and even if I were in the mood for an update, it would be fairly easy since the neutral design is easy to incorporate with others. I am still in the process of cleaning the items in my space, some of which have been easier to part with than others, but with this new vision of how I want the space to look, I feel better. It’s like a mental weight has been lifted and now I do not have to use up so much energy worrying and nitpicking over it anymore.

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Why I Love Interior Design

interior design

Interior Design Is The Foundation Of Your Home

When I was younger (and actually, pretty recently if I’m being totally honest) I used to have and play a computer game where you could create your own family and build a house and essentially “play God.” Now, my favorite part of the game was designing the house and decorating it with the items that came in the game. But, being an avid decorator, I would go onto little websites and download extra items to put in the game to make my house exceptionally beautiful. I loved creating rooms with specific themes and pairing decor to match those themes for the rooms.

One of my favorite rooms to decorate was the living room. I’d lay out couches, create a focal point within a fireplace, match a lovely modern rug in the middle of the room, place huge bright pieces of art on the walls, and strategically place plants and little statues accordingly throughout the room. Now, your characters had an “environment health bar” where they could walk into a room and depending on how the room looked, it would either increase or decrease their mood. For example, if the character walked into a room filled with trash, no wallpaper, and little to no decor in the room, their mood bar would decrease and cause them to be unable to fulfill their tasks for the day. My characters environment health bars were never lacking period. Decor was so important in the game because it increased moods and I believe that’s what decor does in day-to-day life.

We walk into rooms that are beautifully decorated and we instantly feel better… isn’t that amazing? Although we may not think about it and how decor affects us, it so truly does. It impacts our life without us even knowing but we immediately (unconsciously and sometimes subconsciously) notice when it is not up to par. Decor is absolutely crucial to our moods! It’s easy to see why decor matters, both in real life and in games we play. Our mood bars rise when we are surrounded by it! What better feeling is there when walking into a room?

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How I Approach Most Home Decorations

home decorDécor breathes life into a place. Without it, walls are blank and without personality, and bedrooms are just rooms without any comfort and without the feeling of ownership. There are reasons why places like Ikea exist—people love making a place their own. Buying a new apartment or house, or even moving into a dorm like I did earlier this year, is a huge moment and how it is decorated impacts the life of the people who live there. The right décor either breaks or makes a place, and makes it a home or just another room.

Assessing The Furniture In The Home

My family home is the place where I feel most comfortable. Thinking about it reminds me of our light blue walls with an orange slice at the top where our roof is convex and of the lake theme in our bathroom, with the anchors on the walls and the cloud wallpaper. The lighthouses lining the shelves in our living room are testaments to our love of Duluth and our numerous family visits and my mother’s love of walking the piers to the lighthouses every time we visit. Our basement is ‘woods’ themed, with paintings of deer and a hunter vibe—this was for my father, the outdoorsman. I am not saying that it is necessarily the best décor, or the fanciest, or the most well put together, but it is home. My room when I was young was light blue and Spongebob themed. The thought of a room designed after Bikini Bottom and a talking sponge is horrifying, but at the time, I was quite pleased with my Spongebob bedspread, Spongebob TV, Spongebob chair, and Spongebob stickers. It is safe to say that while my designs would not win me any prizes, they made me happy at the time. Spongebob was a huge part of my life, my favorite show, and the memory of this room reminds me of childhood and happy, simple times when I was not worried about finals and financial aid. Now, my room back home is painted lime green and has zebra curtains and sheets—I am honestly not sure if that is any better than Spongebob.

The décor of my room has been quite personal; throughout the years, it has represented me and my ever-changing interests. Our family home has represented my mother’s love of Lake Superior and lighthouses, my dad’s love of the outdoors, my sister’s youthful wish that we lived somewhere with ocean beaches rather than lake beaches, and my own childhood love of the show Spongebob. Therefore, décor has not mattered just one time in my life, but my entire childhood. Décor has made a house into a home, a home that I love returning to during holiday breaks now that I am in college because it reminds me of the first portion of my life which shaped me as a person

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