Adding Rustic Decor To Your Home or Cabin

Decorating is something that certain individuals pay no attention to beyond functionality, while others fixate on aesthetics above all. Why does there have to be a division between function and appearance? What purpose do they serve?


Swedish artist Jonas Bohlin created a chair made of concrete to challenge the concept of objects being either utility or decoration. It is in this spirit that’s best to keep in mind while evaluating an object’s merit. Before starting my term studying abroad I possessed a typical materialistic view on décor, which meant I had a lot of things surrounding me. I thought or was conditioned to think, having more things equaled more happiness but time living overseas made me question that mentality. At the beginning of a study, abroad semester one only has what they could fit in their luggage, which isn’t much. Therefore, essentials like towels, pans, bedsheets and such must be purchased. With a student’s budget, one is forced to make each purchase count, resulting in living a rather minimalistic existence.


At first, it was a bit depressing looking at bare walls and a sparsely filled room but as time went on I stumbled on to a revelation. Having many objects surrounding you creates noise and distraction which creates stress. Instead of fixating on things in my room I searched for stimuli outside my personal sphere. This leads me to have experiences that would have otherwise never have happened. With a critical eye décor can be chosen that will have a happy balance between function and appearance, as long as it is reserved to a reasonably minimal quantity. Material things are necessary for everyday life and comfort but have lately become too large a part of people’s focus. Maybe they think owning these objects will bring them more prestige or happiness when in reality it is clouding their vision of a life with more meaningful interaction with fellow human beings.